Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Big plans and other links

BC announced its plan for the St. Johns land as part of a massive expansion of the campus. This is great news. Hopefully the locals won't slow the process down in court.

Here's a look at how the coaches voted. TOB liked BC. Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio didn't.

Incoming BC football player Dominick Le Grande was named Player of the Year by the New York Daily News.

Michigan State is excited about playing BC. I know our guys are going down early and will go to all the parks. Not a New Year's Day Bowl, but these guys earned the trip.

This is a little old, but Matt Ryan won the Unitas award.


Brett said...

Notice that Tyrone Willingham does not even have us ranked. Maybe he's still sour from the 8-0 season we ruined. I thought "Paint-Dry Ty" had no capacity for any emotion, let alone resentment.

chicagofire1871 said...

That's pretty incredible. I must have been an oversight. Often times, coaches really don't put that much thought into these things, and this was probably done on the plane coming back from Hawaii.

Brian said...

Should we be offended Mark Dantonio voted us #21?

Brian said...
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Brian said...

The expansion plan is huge for the school and for athletics. The better question, though, is how will this affect tailgating?? ;)

+ two new parking garages
+ lots of grass on Brighton campus
- most likely Shea Field will be out for tailgating
- they are getting rid of a LOT of mods (sad)
- doesn't look like there is much parking around Edmond's anymore or behind St. Thomas More

Brian said...

Also, in the Sporting News article on MSU, this is about as idiotic a comment as the Les Miles "We're undefeated in regular season" statement.

"This team is 28 points from having an undefeated season."

Maybe true, but you lost 5 games and went 0-3 vs. the top 25.

Bosco2BC said...

below is another link from the heights going into further detail about the expansion plans:


it's worth noting that at a recent nyc almuni event, fr. leahy commented on how several alumni have approached him about putting some of the mods on ebay to put in their backyards. classic!