Monday, December 10, 2007

Blackmon, Dudley and Coleman

Big day for Will Blackmon Sunday. He returned a punt for a TD and recovered a fumble for another touchdown. Will has battled injuries in the NFL, so it is nice to see him have his moment in the sun.

Kelly Z. sent along these pics of Jared Dudley during the Pistons-Bobcats game.

Remember Dan Coleman? He's the guy who bailed on Skinner after summer school a few years ago. His scholarship was used on some kid named Dudley. He's no Jared, but he is putting up decent career numbers for Minnesota.


Alex L. said...

Happy 3 year anniversary to the atleagle blog!

James said...

If any BC fans are going to the Champs Bowl and making a weekend out of it, Jared Dudley and the Charlotte Bobcats will be playing at the Orlando Magic on Saturday 12/29 at 7 p.m. in downtown Orlando.

Bosco2BC said...

thanks for posting the pics on dudley.

i may be looking into this a little too much, but does anyone know why jared received a "DNP-CD" (did not play, coaches decision) 2 games ago? this DNP was immediately following his very first NBA start when he unfortunately put up zero points on 0-6 shooting. in his last game, dudley only played 11 minutes.

hopefully it was a non-issue and dudley will continue to get opportunities to flourish, just as he did at the heights.

JOC BC07 said...

I watched every minute of Dudley's start against the bulls last week and it was rough. The announers referred to his play as "unfashionable." He missed open shots and traveled on his only attempt to drive.
I thought he played pretty good D on loul deng. His whole team is just pretty bad.

Matthew said...

this DNP-CD was not following his first start. He started earlier in the year against Boston when Wallace was hurt and put up 11 and 9 in 39 minutes, and he started the game before the bad chicago showing and put up 16 and 10 in 38 minutes vs. Toronto. Looks like this could be an up and down year for him