Saturday, December 29, 2007

Boxscore breakdown: Sacred Heart

I didn't see any of this game due to the bowl. Looks like another win that could've slipped away. Here are my thoughts from reading the tea leaves of the boxscore. For those who saw it, please leave any thoughts in the comments section.

Good things
-- Making free throws in the closing minutes. Sure Sacred Heart made it more interesting than we would have liked, but solid work from the line closed it out.
-- Oates' offense. If I had seen the game I might feel differently (Oates tends to do things that drive me nuts). But give him credit...he made some big shots.

-- Rebounding. We out rebounded them -- the margin should have been higher. Too many second chances.
-- Defense. If Blair isn't blocking shots, we are not that good defensively. There is no reason Sacred Heart should score with such ease.

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Angry Eagle said...

It wasn't as close as the box score suggests. A 15 point win that got close at the end with some SH threes and lazy BC turnovers. I have more analysis on my blog.