Monday, December 03, 2007

A glimpse into the future

Jeff Blake -- Logan's star pupil -- could run and throw a beautiful deep ball

Sorry for the delay in the second viewing thoughts. I still haven't gotten around to watching the game back. I'll get it up as soon as I can. However, there is something about Saturday's game that I think will serve as a glimpse into what our offense will look like next year.

It is important to remember that this season was ultimately about maximizing Matt Ryan's strengths and a transition to a more aggressive offense. Ironically, when teams like Virginia Tech made an effort to contain our deep passing we wound up looking a lot like the TOB/Bible offense. But two moments from the ACC Championship Game stand out -- both of Matt Ryan's scrambles. Next season, I doubt the new QB will have the same flexibility as Ryan to change plays at the line. I expect Logan to encourage a different sort of decision tree... one that begins after the snap. Say if deep options are covered and the outlet is not open, I think you'll see the QB run. Think of how many times Ryan had daylight this year and didn't take advantage. Partially because he's slow and partially because he can make plays with his arm. Next year, I think you'll see Davis, Crane or Boek, turning those deep zones into 10-yard scrambles. It is not a true running play, but it keeps the defenses off balance.

For BC fans it will be a change from nearly two decades of pocket passers. But as long as the offense scores points, I really don't care who or how we do it.


RFH said...

Blake also appears to have had the largest TV numbers in football history. Good god...the 2's on his shoulders are HUGE

RFH said...

Bill, I also put up a video of the scrambling TD here

Brian said...

Bill, I don't want to seem like I'm complaining (great season) but have to ask. 3rd and 4, down 7 in fourth down territory with under 2 minutes to go. If you run and only get 2, it is 4th and 2. If you pass, you run the risk of 4th and 4 and not being able to run the ball on 4th down. Logan calls for a pass?
(does anyone else agree? An exciting offense is fun, but not having a running back and ALWAYS lining up in the gun really isn't that hard to defend.)

JOC BC07 said...

Early in the game I like the idea of catching the D off gaurd with a pass in 4-down territory on a 3rd and 4, even a deep ball, but at that point in the game (down 7) when a first down is vital, I absolutely agree that you run it down their throat back to back.
That play call hurt.
Then again, if we complete the pass for a first down, it's "genious" play calling.
The play that still bothers me the most is Matty sliding short of the 1st down marker when he easily could have moved the chains late in the game. I understand his value and don't want to see him get hit, but in championship football, you have to give more than that. He had to have known where the marker was. Remember Elway in the superbowl diving into that linebacker sandwich to score the go-ahead TD? Thats the type of play we needed there.