Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday links

Not much news, but a few BC-related links.

The ACC Championship Game is set for the next four years, yet Orlando is already thinking about 2012. Orlando makes as much sense as Jacksonville or Tampa.

Gene gets mentioned towards the end of this article as a candidate for the open AD position at Washington. Washington is a bigger job than BC, but I don't see Gene leaving BC. He has a pretty good gig now.

BC gets mentioned about recruiting Deion Walker. I am skeptical of recruiting rankings, but I do like to read stories of our staff working hard. It is a welcome change after the old staff's complacency.

1 comment:

Big Jack Krack said...

If Tampa isn't successful, I hope that Charlotte is.

Otherwise, Orlando would be great, but I think it would mean that the ACCCG is not a successful event.