Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Ryan award and draft speculation

Matt Ryan won the Manning Award. The prize doesn't have a long history but has the unique twist of being awarded after the bowls. Congrats to Matt.

Mel Kiper thinks Matt is the best QB in the draft and the only QB likely to go in the first round. In his latest analysis he sees Ryan landing with the Falcons. I'd love to see him in Atlanta, although I don't think he'd make it to many game watches.

In this recap of the Senior Bowl workouts there is a small blurb on Gosder. His play has been mixed so far.

The last question in this mailbag mentions BC's recruiting.


downtown_resident said...

On the recruiting story (the last link), I absolutely love Jags's statement that he's out to find individuals that are more than just football players, but also "character guys; BC guys."

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm with you, DR - "character guys; BC guys."

I like Coach Jags' enthusiasm, and he certainly seems to know what type of student-athlete to recruit.

I think BC is getting stronger and stronger in their support and networking activities to give these guys a heads up on their careers after football as well - and that's always the vast majority of the players.

I'm very proud of our football program - and I hope we can keep this up for years to come.