Thursday, January 03, 2008

Boxscore breakdown: Longwood

Since I was 1,000 miles away and didn't listen to Ted, my only account of the Longword game were the recaps and box score. (The Herald article included some nice background on who the heck Longwood is.) Given Longwood's limited history, I am guessing that we are the first team to play Longwood and Kansas back-to-back. Since this game was a tune-up, not much can be derived. Here are my thougths. If anyone actually made it to COnte, let me know what you saw.

Good things
-- Rice's performance. No worries about any prolonged funk. Rice was sharp. We need him to be at his best Saturday.
-- Sanders controlled effort. As I have said, at times Sanders seems a little rushed. Last night's stats speak to a very even performance. I also like his rebounding.
-- Minutes for almost everyone. With the ACC schedule around the corner, this may be the last time some of these guys get on the floor.

-- Lapses. It doesn't really show up in the box score, but in the recaps Al mentioned periods of flatness. I am not too worried. Young teams are going to have moments like that. Let's hope it is out of their system when the Jayhawks arrive.


Andrew said...

Just a note: URI is 14-1 now. That was a nice W.

Patrick said...

It wasn't just a period of flatness; it was the first 9 minutes of the second half. BC was out-hustled and put in a very sloppy performance. Longwood even got a few highlight slams down low. However, nice job settling down and then putting it away with a solid run. I don't think they stand much of a chance against Kansas on Saturday, but this team is capable of picking up some solid wins in ACC play.

Boyd said...

I notice that Bilas as ESPN has picked us to go to the NCAAs rather than the NIT.