Friday, January 04, 2008

Can BC crack the Top Ten?

A Top Ten finish seemed likely after the Champs win. Things looked even better when all those around us starting losing on New Year's Day. Now Kansas won and West Virginia won and we may be on the outside looking in.

Although it doesn't change our record, the difference between finishing No. 9 or No. 10 versus 11 in the final polls is important. Perception counts in college football. Selling the season and the program as "Top 10" makes a difference with recruits and the media.

There is still a chance. Take a look at the current AP Poll. (I used the AP because the BCS only determines the champion. The AP is the poll of record for all other slots.)

1. Ohio State
2. LSU
3. Oklahoma -- L
4. Georgia -- W
5. Virginia Tech -- L
6. USC -- W
7. Missouri -- W
8. Kansas -- W

9. Florida -- L
10. Hawaii -- L

11. West Virginia -- W
12. Arizona State -- L
13. Illinois -- L

14. Boston College -- W
15. Clemson -- L
16. Tennessee -- W
17. Texas -- W

18. Wisconsin -- L
19. Brigham Young -- W
20. Cincinnati -- W

21. Virginia -- L
22. Auburn -- W
23. South Florida -- L
24. Boise State -- L
25. Arkansas -- L

LSU and Ohio State have yet to play but the loser of their game will not fall out of the Top 10. Other highly ranked losers (Oklahoma and Virginia Tech) are also unlikely to fall out of the Top 10. West Virginia will surely move into the Top 10. Florida and Hawaii will move out. That leaves one spot -- presumably 9 or 10. We will move past Florida, Hawaii, Illinois and Arizona State. While that might seem like enough, there is an outside chance that Texas and/or Tennessee could leap frog us into the Top 10. Both have stronger names and better bowl wins. We're also hurt by the ACC's weak showing in the postseason. Keep your fingers crossed. It would be a nice way to wrap up the season.


Eagle in Brighton said...

Another thing to watch for: BC OL commit Mike Goodman will be playing in the Under Armour All-America High School Football Game Sat. 2pm ABC.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Btw, a possible top 10 finish would be a tremendous conclusion to the season. Great for recruiting, for fans, and adds some nice momentum going into next season.

Brian said...

I'm optimistic but think that Virginia Tech will finish #9 and BC will finish right behind them at #10.

Fitting considering even though no one outside of this blog's readership agrees, we were the better team than the Hokies this year. @ Blacksburg wasn't a fluke.

Go BC!

Walter said...

I agree that we were a better team overall than Virginia Tech this season. It still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that we both beat each other, but their win was the one that mattered.

I'm also hopeful for a Top Ten finish, and I think it's possible. I really wish Clemson had one, they were kind of like a buffer between us and the rest...

Big Jack Krack said...

I would love to see BC as a Top Ten Team in the Final Poll. A case could be made for us to be #9 and VT #10 - but I know that will probably not happen.

If Texas or Tennessee jump us I will be very irritated, even though I realize it's a possibility. Finishing ahead of Florida (and Hawaii, Illinois and Arizona State) is great.

As I watched the Clemson-Auburn game, I couldn't help but think they would lose at the end. I also felt that VT wasn't with it from the begginning of their game. We were the better team.

The ACC bowl teams were really disappointing this year- completely unispired. Thank goodness for BC and Wake - they came out smoking in the 2nd half. The rest of them spent too much time trying to look cool. How about the confused look on Groh's face during the Virginia meltdown?

The ACC is lucky to have BC - and if this program is going the way we think it's going - we can be contenders for the Championship quite often. Everyone not affiliated with VT is sick of their failure in BCS games. Let's move past that bunch!!!!