Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Early Draft Coverage of Matt Ryan

Here are some quick scouting reports on Ryan, now that he has officially moved from college star to NFL prospect.

These guys have a good take but underestimate Matt's arm. Ryan can make every throw and is pretty accurate. I felt the INTs were more about his gunslinger, "I can squeeze it in there" mentality than inability to read defenses.

Jags is obviously very high on Ryan too. I've always felt the Hasselbeck comparison was valid.

Leading up to the NFL draft I'll have more on Ryan and the other BC prospects.


bceagle08 said...

not to mention his recievers are shit... Imagine how much better his numbers would have been if he had someone like Doucet, Sweed or Manningham

Marie said...

I am delighted beyond words that I will get to see Matt Ryan in a few weeks at the Senior Bowl here in Mobile. Most of the big name senior q'backs are coming. I hope Ryan shows all the rest of them up. Cherilus and Tribble will apparently be here as well