Saturday, January 12, 2008


These weren't the same sleepwalkers from the Robert Morris game. The play was crisp and shots were falling. It was probably the best basketball we've played since the 2006 ACC Tournament.

I'd like to write a unique take or uncover a factor in the success. It wasn't one of those games. Everything just went right. We probably could have beaten anyone playing like this. Our 3s were falling. Our tip-ins went in. We used tight flex at the right times and spread it out at other times. The D was solid. Some days it all comes together (how is that for insight?).

Rice's second-half response. Rice's shots weren't falling in the first half. I worried about a continued cold streak. In the second half he played much better and drew fouls. He also benefited from Paris running the point and moving to the shooting guard.
Spears' shot selection. I've been critical in the past when he starts moving away from the basket. Not an issue tonight. He got some easy points early to help spark things.
Oates! Another good outing from Oates. As long as he is hitting his 3s, you won't hear my complain. The minute he cools off though, he needs to stop looking for that shot.

When you win so decisively, there's not much to complain about. My only gripe was the transition D. We did not get back and let Wake score some easy baskets. If we do that against UNC, the Heels will run us out of the building.

Miami is up next. This might be the best Hurricane basketball team in a decade. Anything can just depends on which BC team comes to play.


Matthew said...

you are right.... no need for analysis tonight. everything went right for us, everything went wrong for them. But still, blair played awful.

everyone was great tonight, including oates, but blair was a headcase and brought nothing

bceagle08 said...

what a great effort. It was nice to see everyone get some minutes including Southern in the first half. In the past few games Rice has been facing a few double teams has been getting heavy pressure off high screens. When we hit threes like we did yesterday it takes some of the pressure off Rice and opens up our offense in general. I know its unreasonable to shoot like we did last night but lets hope we can continue hitting our threes.

BCNorCal07 said...

So I'm mad behind the times, but hey, I live in Omaha. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew why Motherwell and O'Hanley essentially got kicked off the hockey team. I've heard all of these allusions to an "off-ice incident", but that's all I know. If anyone has any more info, I'd appreciate it.

Omaha's biggest BC hockey fan

ATL_eagle said...

NorCal, I don't get the hockey gossip that I get for the other sports. Word is that there were numerous minor things and attitude problems that built up over time.

EagleInTheCuse said...

Motherwell plays in the AHL for the Syracuse Crunch. I'm not sure if there was a specific reason that he left the team, but I know that the spin at the time was that he was leaving BC specifically to go pro.