Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend roundup

A little R&R with the family kept me away from the blog and a TV during the VT game. From the write ups and second-hand information, it seems like inexperience came back to haunt at the wrong times. Just look at the end of the forces OT on a miracle only to be totally outplayed in the extra five minutes. This week is now critical. The team could be a major hole by next Sunday.

Former BC player and coach Mike Holovak died this weekend. Holovak was 49-29-3 during his time at the Heights.

The News & Observer looked at how the current all ACC team was ranked by the recruiting experts when they were high school prospects.

Here is an interview with BC baseball coach Mik Aoki.


Tim said...

I don't want to beat up one guy, but I will a little. Shamari didn't play well at all, and seems to be regressing. He did manage ten boards, but there were box-out problems the whole game, and he just can't handle the ball in the post. We were also running the flex a lot losser than normal, and looked uncomfortable because of it.

McCabe said...

How many times did V Tech get offensive rebounds off of missed foul shots? The overall intensity/effort seems to be a problem. I don't like being on Roche's case all the time, but he does not belong on the court in the ACC. His man getting the tip-in as the buzzer sounded for halftime was inexcusable. Roche didn't even make a play on the ball; he just assumed the shot was missed and the half was over.

Paris and Rice tend to play well together. Let's roll the dice and start Paris, and have Raji and Oates off the bench.

Matthew said...

maybe someone saw something different than what I saw, but I didn't like us using the tight flex as much as we did. It seemed that we were scoring at will when Rice especially was just putting the ball on the floor and driving to the basket(whether clearing out for him, or him just wiggling his way in). Whenever we were running our tight offe, he still looked to drive, but now the lane was clogged. I thought loosening up the offense might have been a good idea. Or even running more of that "weave" that they seem to have -- I saw it used once, and Raji immediately found a seam to the basket and got fouled in the act.

One thing that I did like about our offense was the isolation plays for Sanders on the block. He seems to be quick with his moves and capable of scoring on most defenders. ALthough he didn't execute as well as one would have liked, I like that Skinner is building plays around him.

Just one other note... what did people think about Blair guarding Washington for a good part of the end? I didnt get that at all, and neither did Va Tech. They kept isolating him and letting him try to take it to Blair. I will say that Blair did manage to defend him pretty well, but I still didn't think that it was a good inside-out matchup.

Well, it would have been nice to get this one... one we should have had, especially when Vasallo didnt have his outside shot going for him... let's hope we can steal one vs. UNC or clemson.