Sunday, February 10, 2008

First reaction to 2008 schedule 2.0

The Globe jumped the gun on the schedule released a few weeks ago. Turns out this is the real schedule.

Aug. 30 at Kent State
Sept. 6 Georgia Tech
Sept. 20 Central Florida
Sept. 27 Rhode Island
Oct. 4 at North Carolina State
Oct. 18 Virginia Tech
Oct. 25 at North Carolina
Nov. 1 Clemson
Nov. 8 Notre Dame
Nov. 15 at Florida State
Nov. 22 at Wake Forest
Nov. 29 Maryland

The first four games are consistent with the floated schedule. My thoughts stand -- it is a good line-up for our young team.

The second part of the schedule softens from the first release. I think we'll need the bye week before VT.

The final stretch is tough. Florida State will be at full strength. Wake the week after FSU. However, I like closing with Maryland at home.

Overall I still think this sets up nicely for a bowl season.


Big Jack Krack said...

With no disrespect to Kent State and RI, I think both GT and UCF are tough but winnable games. We could well be 4 and 0 with a new offense heading into Raleigh against NC State and TOB. This is also a winnable game and it's entirely possible that we are 5 and 0 awaiting VT's visit to Chestnut Hill. Those next 3 are very challenging - VT, at UNC and Clemson. I like that we have Clemson in Boston - as well as Maryland. At FSU and at WF is tough. We can be 5 and 3 in the ACC - 6 and 2 if things go our way.

I'd love to beat ND, of course - I haven't forgotten about them and I hope they are playing well when they come to Boston on Nov. 8th.

It's possible to go 10 and 2, certainly 9 and 3. (I'm not trying to be a jerk - I know that 8 and 4 is also quite possible.

If we can beat NC State and Clemson, I think we can split with FSU and WF and beat (revenge) Maryland. We could well be in the ACCCG again - that's the goal.

One game at a time - fewer injuries (it would be nice to go through the season lucky in the injury department). 7 tough games coming down the stretch with no bye weeks - tough in the beat up/injury department.

This does indeed set up nicely for the Bowl Season - but really, I'd love to get back to the ACC Championship - in Tampa this year!!!! I'd love the Orange Bowl - and don't care for the others, unless there is a good, compelling matchup.


eagleboston said...

I'm never good at predicting records at the start of the season. I do think we will go to a bowl next year, but I highly doubt we will contend for the ACC as we did last season. That schedule is just too darn tough (do we honestly think we keep beating Notre Dame and Clemson?).

I feel the season could be brighter than expected if the defense keeps us in games and if the new offense is ready to go by October. Here's an interesting thought. Our offense may actually be better than last year by mid-season. Our inability to run the ball crippled BC last year. If 1 or 2 of the new backs emerge and can give us 150 yards per game, we can really keep teams off balance as most of our receivers return. The key question will be quarterback. Although I loved Matt Ryan, his pick sixes killed us last year. I really think the Heisman hype weighed on Ryan and the new QB will not have that pressure and perhaps will not force things so much.

I'm going in with low expectations to prevent a cardiac arrest. I'm even thinking about taping the games and watching them later. I get too keyed up about BC football and the fact that they have had numerous chances to reach the BCS and failed just drives me nuts. Thus, I'm expecting a 6-8 win season and a crappy bowl and anything more will just be a bonus.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello eagleboston:

I can't believe we're talking about this either. If the mens BB team was better this year, perhaps we wouldn't be.

Let's beat Harvard in the Beanpot tonight - it wouldn't be cool to beat BU and then lose the final.

To continue to beat Notre Dame and Clemson probably is a tall order. But let's do it in 2008!!!

There are a lot of potential losses, but I'm an optimist. When I was at the Dean Smith Center for the UNC game, many fans would say to me that we have a real program in football (and will be back in BBall).

Let's believe that we do have a program and hence a successful season is obtainable.

I get very excited at the games as well. I'm going to several games in Boston - probably Clemson and ND, and several in NC.

I'm nuts - what can I say.