Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday links

Early enrollee Max Holloway was one of a few kids from his high school to graduate early.

BC had another record year in applications.

The women's basketball team continues to play well. With the win over Miami they are now 5-2 in the ACC. This gives me hope for our men's team as the women were young and rebuilding last year. Now they are making a real push.

Here is an article on Coughlin's days at BC. This second item in this notebook quotes Shawn Halloran on playing and coaching under Coughlin.

In the second portion of this article, BC commit Chris Hayden-Martin talks about BC honoring his scholoarship despite the injury he suffered this season.

This is an overview of ACC recruiting. At this point the experts rank BC's class as 5th within the ACC.


matthew2 said...

looks like NC State is right behind us in recruiting for next year....

Joe Grav said...

The WBB team is extremely fun to watch this year. Thursday is a huge measuring stick against the Dookies.

Big Jack Krack said...

I agree with Joe about the WBB Team. If they get some good recruits the next couple of years, I think they will make a dent in the ACC and NCAA field. We should concentrate on them, and sit back and watch the young players on the MBB Team grow. What you see is what you get this year. If only Sean Williams didn't get into trouble, eh?

I'm really looking forward to Wednesday, Matthew, to see the final, official list of recruits. From what I can see, these players are top-notch, quality people as well.

Beat Clemson!