Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Move on from Mamula

Last year I mentioned how the NFL Combine always brings out a burst of Mamula stories. These tired cliches started appearing again this week. Deadspin captured the story recycling phenomenon perfectly. I'd love to see this annual trend go away. Ever the BC guy, Mamula seems to take it all in stride.


X said...

Ah, lighten up-- everyone has a gem.

You have Mike Mamula.
We have Ron "Two Heismans" Powlus.

Big Jack Krack said...

Using an old expression, I say more power to the man. We know that college football greatness doesn't necessarily mean professional football greatness.

They should scoff out the organization that drafted him so high. Plus, he should have played linebacker in the pros - he was fast enough.

I remember him as a fast sack-master in college.

luch said...

i think what should be pointed out is that BC strength and conditioning has a pretty good track record at getting guys prepped for the combine. from the various staffs (I was there for Coach P and Whitesides but know there are different guys there now and also when Mamula was there) there has been a tradition of guys sticking around instead of going to Florida to IMG Academy or Arizona to Athletes Performance like tons of guys from other schools do. Mamula killed it at his workout, i think Will Green killed it at his workout, etc.
the combine measures measurables, its on the organization not the players.