Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday morning links

This is a clip of Whitney's goal via someone recording it off of SportCenter. Not the best shot, but a good enough view for those who missed it.

It's official -- college hockey is now in the BC-era. (Thanks to JQ for the link.)

The draft is still weeks away, yet somehow Ryan and Tribble are falling. Ryan is a top 10 pick. No way is he slipping past Baltimore. Tribble is another story. I have no idea where he'll go. Some of you may have seen this, but the former coaching staff is also blackballing him to the NFL.

Called by the previous staff an "Eddie Haskell" type and is not regarded as someone with good leadership qualities...

Minnesota may trade up for Ryan.

Here are a few more links on Reggie Jackson. I cannot wait to see him do his 360 dunk at BC.


Puerto Rico Eagle said...

Higlights of the game if you still heven't seen them.

Unknown said...

They call BC the Golden Eagles in that Ryan/Tribble link. Any bets on when professional sportswriters will get this right?