Sunday, March 16, 2008

Most exciting play in hockey!

BC won again and will face UNH a to be determined foe next in the Hockey East semis. Chris S. got this shot of Gerbe's penalty shot. Go BC! Get on the hockey bandwagon now.


eagleinexile said...

Not necessarily UNH next for the pucksters. Hockey East does the very un-democratic "re-seeding" after the quaterfinal round, and seeing as how Northeastern and U-Mass Lowell won tonight, we could see BC playing BU or NU. On a personal note, I think it is pure dog-shit that if a low seeded team pulls an upset, the reward is to play the number one team. Doesn't the #1 team have enough advantage already?


Beat, whomever?

BCMike said...

another great view of Gerbe's goal here:

Brian said...

Yep, very undemocratic, but BC has probably benefited from this arrangement more than once in the past. ;)

Here are the scenarios:

- #2 BU and #3 UVM win, #4 BC v. #1 UNH in the semifinal
- BU and #6 Northeastern win, BC v. BU
- #7 Lowell and #3 UVM win, BC v. UVM
- #7 Lowell and #6 Northeastern win, BC v. Northeastern

Go BC!

BCDoubleEagle said...

eagleinexile- The HEA tourney is designed to reward teams that perform well in the regular season. The high seeds enjoy home ice in the quarterfinals, and they have the protection of a best-of-three series so they can't be knocked out of the tournament just by having one bad night in the quarterfinals. In this context, it makes sense to reseed after the quarterfinals, because it would be even bigger "dog-shit" to force a #1 seed to play, say, a #4 seed in the semis when they could be playing a #7 seed that pulled a quarterfinal upset.

Again, the idea is to reward teams that perform well for five months, not to reward teams that happen to get lucky for one weekend.

BCNorCal07 said...

Holy god that is a sick goal! The other video that bcmike linked actually shows the ridiculous spin move. Phhhh!

Big Jack Krack said...

The baseball team has taken 2 in a row against Clemson - pretty cool. The final game in the series is today at 1:00pm at Clemson.

eagleinexile said...


The "reward" is the seed and the pairing against the lowest seeded team. The best of 3 series with all home games is a further reward. My point was, how much more "reward" do they need? I understand the concept of rewarding an entire season of work, but Basketball does not do this. If a #15 seed beats a #2, they get to play the winner of the #7/10 game. My further point is that reseeding stacks the deck. The best of 3 combats the top team havnig an off night, but if you make the bottom teams constantly play #1, then #2, you lose that "cinderella" factor that makes tournaments exciting, and there should be some "reward" for a low team pulling its collective "shit" together and winning when it counts (likewsie for the top teams not choking). Just my 10 cents.


Eagle in Brighton said...

The team looked great last night...loved the crowd roar after every announcement of BU/ULowell score updates (Lowell trounced them).

Lets go boys; nothing like some momentum going into the NCAA's.

LAEagle said...

was that footage from a video game??? damn.