Thursday, March 13, 2008

New [post]season, new team

This was the effort we've been waiting for the past six weeks. The game seemed over at two different points: down 15 in the first half and down 11 early in the second. Yet the team showed confidence, patience and poise. We live to play another day.

Hats off to the four freshmen. They all played really smart basketball and made up for the lackadaisical efforts from Blair and Oates. I also want to recognize Shamari Spears. He gave us exactly what we needed off the bench tonight.

The team defense was better than it has been all season. They rebounded well, didn't lose people with trade offs and were opportunistic in their steal attempts.

I hope this encourages Rice to stay. Since our seniors were non factors, I think this shows what our returning nucleus can do next year.

Clemson is very good, but I like our chances coming off a win like that and playing in the late night slot again.


@timstwrt said...

Shamari played well, except for a couple free throws. This game didn't mean much for us, but it was more rewrding than most games I can remember. Clemson is beatable....survive and advance...

Scott Weigman said...

Couldn't agree more. Was there in person last night. The defensive effort was what blew me away. They were roatating well and scrapping for balls.

It really is unbelievable how much playing time Oates continues to get. Even the other teams fans were asking me why Southern did not come back in in the second half until 10 mins remaining.

Also I saw Matt Ryans Dad walking out of the arena last evening. Wonder if he was in town to talk to the panthers?

Eagle in Brighton said...

Great W all around.

On an entirely different note, solid article on Nate Gerbein the Boston Globe.

As with Clemson, huge series this weekend v. Providence in first round Hockey East action.

Lets go boys.