Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Replacing a QB, Part 3

Want to know the consensus on BC football heading into their first season without Flutie? Read this Sports Illustrated preview of the team written in September of 1985. BC finished 4-8.


BCMike said...

I thought this line from the article:

Said White team ringmaster Halloran afterward, "Of course I learned from Doug. I sure watched him long enough."

Has GOT to be what Crane is feeling like. Kid must be itching to prove what he can do and shut up the doubters that say that w/out Ryan we're going to be awful.

Big Jack Krack said...

Halloran's first game was against Brigham Young and Robbie Bosco in the Kickoff Classic at the Meadowlands. I was 1 of 51,000 fans to watch BY dominate the Cotton Bowl Champions 28 to 14. They were the defending National Champions, and not many people gave BC a chance in that game.

It was not a good year for BC - 4 wins and 8 losses, while Brigham Young finished at 11 and 3.

1986 was much better - after a shaky start, BC finished at 9 and 3, including 8 straight wins - and a tremendous win over Georgia in the Hall of Fame Bowl.

What's the point? I'm hoping that BC does not have an off year in 2008, like we did in 1985. We may see some completely different things on offense. I can't wait. I hope our QBs come together in the true spirit of competition and whoever emerges (I think it will be crane) will lead us to 9 or 10 victories.

downtown_resident said...

While BC faces a non-conference opponent on a mostly neutral field to start next season, the similarities to 1985's opener fortunately end there. I think that our early schedule-- including the season opener-- is set up well to break in a new QB and RB.

05Eagle said...

Check out this article about what Davidson is doing for the sweet 16:

I know BC is a much bigger school but it wouldn't hurt to take notice and maybe sell out our allotment of tickets for an ACC Championship game.