Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rice, Rice and more Rice

The ACC named Rice all first team. He was the second leading vote getter after Tyler Hansbrough. Tyrelle Blair made the all defensive team. Blair was a very good shot blocker, but I think his overall defensive ability was overrated.

Jeff Goodman -- whose weekly ACC column in the Herald is a must read -- really captured Rice's frustration with the season. Interesting that Rice points to the first VT game as a turning point. It felt like one at the time. We let that game slip away and then faced down the best teams in the ACC. We never pulled out of the funk.

Given how downbeat Rice seems, some would speculate that he will bolt after the season. Yet nbadraft.net, which includes underclassmen in their mock drafts, doesn't even have him in the second round. If his prospects are that borderline, staying in school would make more sense.


Anonymous said...

Rice isn't in that 2008 mock because they have him staying in school and coming out next year.

In their 2009 mock they have him going #29 to Detroit.


draftexpress.com does not have Rice in their 08 or 09 mocks.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm sure the guy is absolutely exhausted at this point. Everything looked great for his career until McLain and Williams got dismissed.

I'm sure he'll feel better after a few weeks away from the game following the ACC Tourney.

Eagle0407 said...

I can't believe that about Blair. I guess if you play in a conference where interior defense consists of flopping, then even a slow, lazy, typically out of position but still tall center is going to get more blocks than most.

Unknown said...

That's a great call Eagle - it says as much about what Duke-style basketball has done to the conference as it does about anything else. I will say, though, that Blair really progressed in his own weird way. He hit a huge game winner last year at FSU and learned to only go for half of every pump fake he sees. Beyond that, he is what he is.