Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Second hand info from Pro Day

All of this is second hand info from various sources. Take it for what it is worth.

Unofficially Matt completed 46 of 50 passes. Feelings were mixed from "pretty good" to "he looked great."

Callender was fast and supposedly ran a 4.4. He also looked good catching balls. Hopefully this will get him drafted.

Willie Green looked to be in great shape...and then ran slow. Supposedly 4.7. He may still catch on with a team, but he didn't blow people away.

Silva looked impressive and has put on good weight and muscle.

Gonzo was back to catch passes but struggled a bit.

Challenger looked sharp. Loyte -- so, so.

Logan ran the offensive drills. Loscalzo ran the speed and strength drills.

The Globe has a rundown of all the NFL folks in attendence. Of note, Herm Edwards and Matty shared some one on one time after the throwing session.

I'll post more as I hear it and will hopefully have some pictures later tonight.

Hats off to Barry Gallup and Gene as everyone said it was well organized, professional and made BC look good.


Unknown said...

I went down to Alumni to check out the scene. Everything had pretty much wrapped up by the time I got there but I did see Matt Ryan. He seemed so much more seasoned than when I had seen him at BC. He is more professional now if that makes any sense.

Kevin said...

Matt Ryan was 48-52, with 3 dropped passes and 1 overthrown ball.

Andre Callender ran a 4.37

And Gosder Cherillus was tremendous.

apbc12 said...

"Andre Callender ran a 4.37."

Shenanigans! I love AC, but unless you're talking about a 30-yard dash, there's no freaking way.

CHI_Eagle said...

What?! The scouts were in the Bubble? I ran a 4.2 in the forty, but mistakenly thought that our pro day was in the dustbowl.
Thus, I likely will go undrafted yet again.