Friday, March 14, 2008


That stunk. The team did a 180 from Thursday. Everything sucked especially the effort and execution.

I'll start the post mortem on the team and season next week.

Good news: the hockey team won.


LAEagle said...

I have never seen a more lethargic, half-assed effort...the blame for that much of a lack of energy/effort/enthusiasm falls SQUARELY upon the coach...say what you will about skinner's accomplishments, but if TOB led a team like that he'd be thrown under the bus

i.b.rad said...

This team is just not likeable...a very disappointing season. Go SOX!
PS. Your blog is great...keep it up.

Southern_EAGLE said...

Just getting back online after losing power from the storm that created the tornado in downtown ATL. Can't believe the score. But in retrospect actually can. Glad I couldn't watch it.

BCMike said...

Thankfully the storm created moments where the televisions at Frankie's blacked out and froze.

Those were my favorite parts of the game last night.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Eagle in Atlanta--
Glad to see you're giving the hockey team some love. They play again tonight, and a win will send them on to the Garden next weekend for the Hockey East semis. Go Eagles!

Dalton said...

I agree, that was a very "half-assed" effort. The thing that gets me is the inability to break the press. The guys slowly walk to the ball after a basket allowing the other team to set up their press.

I generally like Skinner. I think he's a solid recruiter and does a good job developing his players. My biggest knock on him, as people have mentioned in this blog before, are his lack of in game adjustments. Watching his guys attempt to break Clemson's press last night was pathetic. I have watched a lot of BC hoops games over the years and I can't remember a more frustrating game to watch.

Unfortunately, this is a recurring theme as Skinner has never figured out the press. Thursday, Maryland jumped all over us in the first half (don't know why they stopped pressing). Also, recall back in 2005 when Bruce Pearl's UW-Milwaukee team defeated BC in round 2 of the NCAA's...they lost because they couldn't handle the press.

I'm sure its' not squarely on Skinner's shoulders as it has a lot to do with the players as well, but it just seems like our guys are never in the right position.

Glad this season is over. I'm optimistic about next year assuming Rice stays and teams forget that BC can't break the press.

downtown_resident said...

Rice needs to stay. He needs another year to work on ballhandling. Part of the team's collapse against the press has to go on him. Bottom line is that he doesn't have the handle to make a living as an NBA point guard, and that's a facet of his game he could definitely improve next year.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Painful to watch, but couldn't agree more with the optimism in regards to next year.

Considering Rice stays, Southern/Sanders have a year of experience under their belt, and we throw in Fresh. stud Reggie Jackson: I think there definitely is more than enough upside for a return to the NCAA's to which we have become accustomed.