Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ACC Select covering the spring game and other links

Thanks to the late efforts of the guys at ZBC and the team at ACC Select, there will be coverage of the 16th annual Jay McGillis Spring Football Game. The game will have the funky Offense-Defense format and a running clock, but it is still football! It will also be our first chance to see Crane and his backups as well as newcomer Josh Haden.

More details continue to surface in the Brady Smith situation. Given the nature of the charges this will probably take a few months to unfold.

Here's a rehash of QB busts from the NFL draft.

Are the recruiting sites corrupt? Ron Zook worries that the new limitations on recruiting only creates more opportunities for exploitation.

BC is not the only ACC school that will struggle with Spring Game attendance.


Big Jack Krack said...

Smith has been dismissed from the team permanently by Coach Jags.

X said...

Stewart Mandel's overrated/underrated list

Overrated: Matt Ryan, Boston College

To be clear: Ryan definitely sold me as a future pro last season, particularly with his improbable game-winning throws at Virginia Tech and Clemson. I realize he's the best QB in this draft and I realize there will always be teams at the top of the list that need a quarterback, but potential top-three pick? Really? That's putting a lot of undue pressure on a guy who ranked 61st in the country in pass efficiency last season and threw 19 interceptions.

The ideal situation for him would be to go late in the first round to a team that doesn't need him to play right away. Instead, he's going to land with the Falcons or some other team that views him as its franchise quarterback. Ask Jay Cutler how that's working out.

we make our own movies said...

Fortunately, Peter King (who is far better than that hack Mandel) is much higher on Matty:

I say Atlanta will take Ryan even if Dorsey's on the board. Then everyone will say it was the owner's pick. Not so. With Dimitroff's background in football, I'm convinced he'd never have taken this job if he felt Blank's heavy hand on his shoulder for the first pick. It's logical to think Blank wants Ryan for the billboard-on-I-85 factor. But if this pick is Ryan, it will be because Dimitroff and Smith think it's best for the franchise.

Now for Ryan. My buddy Don "Donnie Brasco'' Banks is always telling me how gullible I am. Brasco likes baseball, and I called him a couple of years ago after seeing Juan Acevedo pitch in a spring-training game and told him, "Juan Acevedo's gonna win 15 games this year.'' He didn't come close. I admit to getting sucked in a bit by players I like. So write this down, you who keep records of how badly I screw up predictions: Matt Ryan is going to be a star in the NFL. You can feel it being around him -- he's got that I-won't-be-denied demeanor Peyton Manning had 10 years ago. He's got a plus arm, he knows how to get players around him to play better, and he loves having the ball in his hands with the game on the line.