Monday, April 21, 2008

Basketball Season Grades: Tyrese Rice

The microcosm of Tyrese Rice's season was the UNC game. He put together one of the best single-game performances in BC history and we lost. Tyrese expressed his disappointment in the season and the losing. He shouldn't be too hard on himself -- he had a great season.

Outside of the accolades (first team ACC) and raw numbers (629 points, .849 from the line), the most impressive aspect of Rice's game was his ability to score on any and everyone. Every team focused on Rice and no one really stopped him. He was able to get to the basket on players of all size and remained deadly from outside. Despite playing nearly every minute of the season, Rice never faded.

Rice wasn't perfect. His defense is still average. When a wing player gets hot (like McClinton in the second Miami game) we need Rice to step up and shut the guy down. Rice also needs to become a true point guard and get his teammates involved on a consistent basis. He also needs to be more careful with the basketball. His assist to turnover ratio is not where it needs to be for a true point.

With more scorers joining the team and two offensive black holes leaving (Oates and Blair) Rice's burden will be lifted (somewhat). If he becomes a more well-rounded player, BC should be much better and the NBA will take notice.

Season Grade: A-

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Erik said...

My biggest concern for him, was that teams could pressure him and trap him in to these turnovers pretty easily. It really showed against great teams, which is to be expected, like Kansas, UNC, and Clemson. But a player like him needs to be able to get the ball over halfcourt, and there were times when that was harder than it should have been.