Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taking on the Ryan critics, Part 3

Stewart Mandel called Matt Ryan overrated. As I've mentioned before, I know Stewart. He a good writer, but he only sees bits of BC and is very wrong about Ryan. I am not real worked up about his overrated/underrated column. It's a filler piece that SI runs every year. I don't even think Stewart takes it seriously and no football fan should. Just look at his track record on this column. He's been way off many times. For the sake of brevity, I'll just point out his inability to predict QB success.

2007 -- Calls Brady Quinn overrated and Troy Smith underrated.
Quinn became the story on draft day as he kept falling in the first round. The savvy Browns picked him up and he looked good in the preseason. He's stuck behind Derek Anderson for now, but will probably be a starter somewhere soon. Smith got on the field, but the Ravens have so little faith in him that they are hoping to take Ryan.

2006 -- Called Jay Cutler overrated and Brodie Croyle underrated.
Cutler is firmly in place as the starter for the Broncos. Croyle's future is uncertain and the Chiefs are looking at other QBs.

2005 -- He called Jason Campbell overrated and Stefan LeFors underrated.Campbell is the Redskins QB of the future. LeFors is in the CFL.

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