Saturday, May 24, 2008

Agents tip their hats to Condon and other links

Matt's agent and BC grad Tom Condon received kudos from the Sports Agent blog. I am sure he appreciates the respect. The commision from the biggest deal in NFL rookie history doesn't hurt either.

This blog forecasts Mark Herzlich as a first rounder in next year's2010 draft. If he has a good season, he'll be a first day pick in the 2009 draft...I hope he comes back for his Senior season.

Former Eagle Eric Boatwright is playing in the Continental Indoor Football League (the what?). Glad to see he is still giving it a go. It would have been nice for him to finish up his career at BC.


Claver2010 said...

Isn't the 2010 draft after Herzy's senior year?

ATL_eagle said...

Sorry for the mistake Claver. Fixed.

Herzylax22 said...

The boy's going to graduate!