Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BC continues to dominate TV ratings

BC fans are constantly reminded about our travel woes, but no one ever mentions our great TV ratings. We consistently break ratings records in our bowl games. When we were on the Raycom/Jefferson-Pilot package in 2005 the ACC syndicator had its best season ever (things were so good that ESPN hasn't allowed us to slip down to the JP game since). Further documentation:
Boston College's 14-10 win at Virginia Tech on Oct. 25 was the highest-rated Thursday night game ever on ESPN.

And that game went head to head with a Red Sox World Series game. If the Red Sox hadn't been playing we would have put up an even bigger number.

A few other notes from the article...
-- The nine game ACC football season was tabled for now
-- The GMAC Bowl in Mobile will be in the mix for future ACC teams


ToTheHeights said...

I thought the Rutgers - Louisville game from 2006 was the highest rated Thursday night game ever? I have been trying to dig up those numbers to verify. I am shocked that BC v VT beat that this year.

downtown_resident said...

Great fact on the TV ratings, and something BC and Gene D need to play up. In addition, it's worth noting (again) that BC has now produced the highest TV ratings ever for each of the last three bowl games in which it's played:

2007 Champs Sports Bowl - 3.69 rating, 3.6M households; 2006 Meineke Car Care - 3.87 rating, 3.56M households; 2005 MPC Computers Bowl - 2.33 rating; all still the best-ever ratings for those bowls.