Friday, May 09, 2008

See Matt in action and other links

The Falcons have opened their Rookie mini-camp to the public. If you're in Atlanta this weekend, you can drive out to Flowery Branch to see Ryan in his new uniform. I wonder if this is what Mrs. ATL_eagle had in mind for Mother's Day?

ACC Now is not optimistic about our upcoming season. The more I read, the more I sense a growing consensus. Everyone thinks we are going to struggle. I remain confident we'll be a bowl team.

Two BC spots cracked SI's 101 Things to Do Before You Graduate. (Thanks to Brian for the link.) Not trying to be a contrarian, but does anyone else think Maryann's is placed too high on this list?


dwc190 said...

I am proud of MA's spot on that list. We should be proud of the fact that our senior bar is that high. It gets a bad rep for a lot of reasons (including overall stench and lack of cleanliness), but think of all the memories that almost every graduate has there. When it comes down to it, MAs isnt on that list for anything special or is on that list because of the BC students who line up every night to be with their friends and classmates at a hole in the wall bar that BC students can rightfully claim as their own.

Kevin said...

I agree w/ dwc. MA's is a what it is and it's a great college dive bar.

Joe Bags said...

I'm torn on MAs. It always has a place in my heart, but non-alumns don't understand the appeal, and I can't say I blame them. Once upon a time, the $1 drafts were the lone appeal to non-BC folks, but those days are long behind us. To put it in perspective, if a visiting fan asks me to recommend 5 places to get a beer while they're in Boston, MA's is not making my list for them.

Is MA's gameday atmosphere any different? I don't think I've ever gone there pre-game. I went post-game as recently as '06, it was the same as any old night.

M Lindner said...

I do not think for a second that there is any list that Mary Ann's can be too high on. I have forgotten more things in that bar than most people will ever know.

It is a necessary stop every time I am in town. Not that I would ever recommend it. Other people just wouldn't understand.