Monday, June 23, 2008

Flutie gets a statue and other links

BC will unveil a statue of Flutie outside of Alumni this fall. Long overdue in my opinion.

Louis Hinnant had some good things to say about BC in this interview.

This new deal will allow you to add all sorts of widgets and game enhancers ACC/Raycom broadcasts.


BCMike said...

Love the idea of a Flutie statue. Long overdue, I agree. Hopefully it can be one where folks can pat Doug for good luck on the way in / get their picture taken with it.

Brett said...

Noticed that the Hinnant interview was done by Brian Roundy, BC '06, who was the guy who would show up to basketball games with the big red hulk gloves.

Leather D said...

Very interesting that Louis had coaching offers from Northeastern and Fairfield - aka two teams coached by his former assistant coaches

b.roundy said...

Thanks for picking up my Hinnant interview over at Buckets. Lou was incredibly helpful and was truly a pleasure to talk with.