Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More on O'Shea and other links

It may seem like I am focusing an inordinate amount of time on Tim O'Shea's move to Bryant, but it does have BC ramifications. While it was never his job to have, many assumed that if Skinner were to ever leave BC, O'Shea would be the prime candidate to replace Al. Now that he has taken himself from a mid-major program to a school making the jump to DI, O'Shea's path is on a different course. This is not meant to say that O'Shea couldn't or won't coach BC one day. He might. If he builds up Bryant it actually may enhance his resume. But the timing and the undertaking are curious. I also think that if O'Shea felt that BC job would be open in the next two or three years he would have stuck it out at Ohio. There are probably more factors in play than I can even speculate, but I take O'Shea's move as a sign that Skinner is safe with Gene and committed to BC.

Tyrese Rice is taking part in a Richmond summer league.

Incoming Eagles Isaac Johnson, Nick Halloran and Mike Stone all took part in the last week's Shriner Classic.


Erik said...

Are these Richmond games the type of unsanctioned games that will get Rice suspended for a few game in Nov/Dec? Who did that happen to before?

TheNorvFace said...

I was thinking the same thing erik, but you have to believe he knows the rules now. I think last season it was Shamari, Rice, and one other that got suspended.