Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More TV stuff and other links

Here is ESPN's tentative schedule for next season. Don't read too much into this as it can and will change. The only looming coverage gaps are Central Florida and URI. At worst, both will be available on the Internet. If we win our first two, I imagine the Central Florida game will get picked up on real TV.

Kevin Challenger is getting more coverage in Canada then he ever got here.

This guy has a theory on why Fontaine bolted and how we can prevent it.

Stuck behind a desk? Wishing you could be by the water watching some sailing with a cool drink in your hand? Sorry. I can't help. But I can provide a link to some pictures of BC's races here.

Former Eagle Patrick Eaves signed a nice deal with the Hurricanes. (Thanks to Joe F. for the tip.)

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tuesdaymorning said...

The comment under the fontaine article is absurd.