Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Parsing a random recruiting article

This article on recruiting athletes vs position players mentions BC recruiting coordinator Mike Siravo. There are two things about this particular article that caught my attention and show a definite culture shift in BC football.

1. The move to athletes. Jags spoke of this from the outset, but now the philosophy is attached to our program. Shane Beamer was the other coach mentioned with Siravo. Despite being with South Carolina now, Beamer is a product of the Virginia Tech system which always placed an emphasis on athletes.
2. Geographic shift. A offensive line prospect from Hilton Head dropped our recruiting coordinator's name. I have no idea how good this kid is (he's not even profiled by the major scouting services), but it shows that BC is beating the bushes looking for kids anywhere.

I have no idea what will come of Anderson or this year's recruiting class, but I think this staff's methods will prove themselves over time.

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