Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gos gets paid and other links

The Lions signed Gosder Cherilus to five-year deal with nearly $9 guaranteed. Good news for him.

The Sabre fans are learning more about Nathan Gerbe.

Foster Street is going to look a little different soon. I expect local outrage to begin shortly.

Because my Dinich coverage is generating a little back and forth in the comments and generated some funny, inquisitive emails, I thought I would post this so HD fans can get a better handle on her appearance.


Niems. said...

Little Newsbreak

Lenny Walls was cut from the Ravens

No Link though

LAEagle said...

ATL <3 Heather

Nick P. said...

I think Heather is cute. Whoever scoops her up will be lucky to do so.

ATL_eagle said...

Nick, I believe HD is married.

LAEagle said...

you want me to break his legs?