Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Media Guide debuts and other links

BC posted the 2008 Media Guide online. What I found interesting is how much the tone has changed from previous editions. In the past the message has been consistent but much more subdued. This year they loaded up on images, filled it with player quotes, used terms like "BC Guy," hammered home the Boston stuff, tried to introduce the coaches a bit better and really played up the academic success. It's all the stuff we know, just in better packaging. Media guides are for two groups: media that buzz in and out without following the program regularly and recruits. Our branding is clear to both parties: BC takes academics seriously and plays big time sports in a big city.

The Orlando Sentinel is posting a series of ACC position rankings.

It is only July, but these Clemson writers are predicting another BC victory over the Tigers.

Hard to believe, but the locals don't like BC's latest intentions for the Brighton campus.

Here is Matt Ryan promoting EA's latest college game. He is a good sport about all this stuff. I hope the NFL doesn't make him jaded. (Thanks to Bill P. for the link.)

Southern Pigskin thinks we have the second best group of receivers in the ACC. (Thanks to Erik for the link.)

BC is 100 to 1 to win the National Championship. That's worth a $10 what the hell bet, right? Also, our over/under for wins is 7.

Look how much SEC fans are shelling out in donations for tickets.


Brian said...

Heather Dinich agrees with Southern Pigskin.

DC to BC said...

i just realized that matt ryan's power move has been a blessing in disguise for this blog.

am i right?

BCDoubleEagle said...

I note that the author of all these anti-BC articles in the Allston-Brighton Tab, Sara Jacobi, is a recent BU grad. (No big secret here, just Google her name.)