Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Recruiting news and other links

BC is still in the mix for elite QB recruit Eugene Smith. He's the last real big QB name that remains uncommitted but these things can often turn into musical chairs.

New Jersey linebacker prospect Anthony Stroffolino connected with Bill McGovern on his recent trip to BC.

SI and Athlon posted their BC preview.

Here's another one of those BC-Clemson articles I predicted would come out of the ACC Media days.

Is anyone else tired of reading about the ACC underachieving?

Although I don't think ticket prices were the major factor in Jacksonville's struggles, I do think Tampa will do a better job hosting the ACC Championship Game.

John Swofford gave a state of the conference speech on the final day of the ACC Kickoff.

Two ACC items from SMQ. The first takes a look at the shifting national perception of Florida State. The other looks at North Carolina. (Just our luck that UNC comes back in our rotation during their ascension.)

The New York Times posted their ND preview.


Langsgangs said...

I went down to the ACC championship game in Jacksonville with 5 other alums that I hadn't seen in a long time. I had a ridiculously fantastic time minus the -cough- loss. The party at The Landing with the water in back and the giant Christmas Tree seemed to me one of the great parties of the year, not to mention half the people there were sporting BC gear. I've never been to TAmpa, but I thoroughly impressed with Jacksonville.

Eagle1 said...

What, no mention of Dinich today?

There are only two words you need to know about Tampa: "Mons Venus." Get there.