Monday, August 11, 2008

BC Guy in Bristol and other links

Have you seen the ESPN ads for the new live SportsCenter? In this version, recent BC grad Mike Gualtieri makes an appearance. He's the guy in blue opposite the main speaker.

With all the BC folks at ESPN, you'd think we'd get more respect from the worldwide leader in sports.

Josh Beekman played well this weekend. The Bears are dealing with numerous injuries on the line, so Beekman should get some playing time this year.

Jerry York is getting commitments from kids who are still a few years away from college.

BC is still in the mix for Florida QB prospect Nico Flores.


Eagle1 said...

For God's sake, someone needs to stop those awful ESPN commercials and promotions. From "Who's Now," to "Titletown USA," to these SportsCenter Live pieces, ESPN continues to do everything in its power to chase away potential viewers. Stop it, already. And if I see that weirdo, Skip Bayless, on the Budweiser Hot Seat, I'm going to put a foot through my Aquos.

EL MIZ said...

at least MIKE G was in the commercial, i agree though, the worldwide leader has gone overboard recently.

who's more now, mike G or matt ryan?

DL said...

FYI, the guy on the back right of the table in the yellow shirt is Joe Cronin, BC '06

Eagle1 said...

What's more annoying?: (1) The ESPN "SportsCenter Live" commercials or (2) the Heinekin "It's Love" commercial. Discuss.

Unknown said...

Technically Mike is from Connecticut. At least that's where he grew up, even if he likes to claim he's from Boston.