Tuesday, August 05, 2008

College Football News see what the rest of the media doesn't and other links

I've shared my growing optimism as the season approaches. Joining me on the contrarian side is College Football News (which falls under Fox Sports' umbrella). They have BC in their Top 20. CFN's Pete Fiutak explains his strong opinion with the same logic many of us are using:
Virginia Tech at No. 15 is probably getting by on reputation, while Boston College, a team with far fewer question marks than the Hokies, is ranked 31st. If the preseason rankings are supposed to be based on how good the teams are, this is one of the biggest gaffes.

Why aren't more people picking up on the fact that our D should be excellent? (Thanks to Thomas and Paul for the links.)

Speaking of disrespect, HD follows up he jab from Monday with her first Power Rankings. BC is 8th.

Here is a bio on Tyrese Rice from the Sporting News' new daily email. (Thanks to Mike for the link.)

Craig Smith underwent knee surgery. Let's hope this doesn't sideline him too long.

BC target Arthur Fontaine is making a return trip to Georgia. Pray for rain.


GordonsLeftFoot said...

Wow, bad form by HD.

These one sentence explanations aren't cutting it. She has now taken two swipes by mentioning the TOB-JAGS thing, yet failed to recognize the new OC in Logan (over the forgettable Bible), or the fact that the most consistent thing during TOB's tenure was our defense which, ta da, has the same coach and has never looked this good on paper in the preseason.

Yes, Jags came in and played with mostly TOB's players, but he also achieved something TOB never could (or will) as a college head coach.

I know I am looking at this through maroon-tinted glasses, but the guy from Fox Sports has it right.

eagle1331 said...

Fontaine is the next line in BC's lost Blue Chippers. He should of been had an we let him slip away. He did say in the article a month ago that he was going to take final trips at the beginning of August. You know that he'll keep being recruited even if he commits though

SectionKK said...

The TOB storyline is so tired and it really ignores the fact that his recruiting slipped in the last few years he was at BC. I know it's an easy fallback for the media, but they should really try to be a little more original, especially someone whose job is to blog exclusively about the ACC.

Erik said...

Athens, GA today:

A few isolated thunderstorms developing this afternoon under partly cloudy skies. Near record high temperatures. High 99F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

RECORD HIGH TEMPS + thunderstorms!
Tomorrow says 96 degrees.

America said...

Look ESPN and HD are idiots. They don't know anything about us. They don't care to know anything about us. They call us the Golden Eagles. They think we like TOB. They are jokes. I think we should not give them the time of day. We should stop reading thier articles. WE know how good we are. WE will be back in the ACC Championship game this year. So while ESPN will be calling us a surprise I call us the ACC Powerhouse.

max said...

That Golden Eagles thing really annoys me. Who can we talk to about that. I've emailed off the site a few times to no response.