Friday, August 08, 2008

Crane, Castonzo and other links

After a fairly quiet week from the Globe they finally produced a Crane feature. I found Logan's timeline on Crane's progress to be the most interesting aspect of the piece.
"The first game is huge," said Logan. "In the second game we're expecting a huge improvement, and in the third game we're looking for an even more polished product, and after the third game you are going to get what you get."
Circle the Central Florida game as it will tell us what sort of season Crane will have.

Castonzo got the star treatment from the Herald.

Weather continues to plague the practices. Also of note, Jags is holding a press conference at noon ET on Friday.

Josh Haden is considered a freshman to watch.

Eric Reynolds explains why he took a detour to Temple. As rumored, academics were involved.

BC is recruiting Connecticut LB Khairi Fortt.

Tim Hasselbeck has joined ESPN and will be featured on their various outlets.

Cherilus struggled in the Lions first preseason game with mental mistakes. I don't think that really comes as a surprise to BC fans.

BC Guy Kenny Florian is working his way up the ranks in UFC.


Ryan said...

Great job by Florian tonight, way to represent BC.

Alex F. said...

Florian carries himself in exactly the same way that we've come to expect from BC grads in other sports as well. Nice guy, very well-spoken. I watched season one of "Ultimate Fighter" on DVD (basically the same as "The Contender", except MMA instead of boxing) and he was one of about 3 guys on the entire show that DIDN'T come across as a jerk and/or a raging douche.