Friday, August 29, 2008

Crane ready and other links

Jags made it clear that this is Crane's job. Davis will not get on the field during the second quarter. Crane is ready.

He's got good blindside protection in Castonzo.

Jags is more at ease this year.

The broadcast team for our game will be Clay Matvick and David Diaz-Infante.

Here is an preview of the game from a Kent State perspective.

HD thinks the game will be close. She also noted that Georgia Tech threw the ball much more than anticipated.

At the end of this column, Pat Forde puts out an APB from Brian Brennan. Turns out Brennan is still in Cleveland and doing good things. I bet he'll be at the game Saturday night.

Joliet running back Tyler Hudetz is still hoping to get a BC offer.

Brian St. Pierre continues to play well in Arizona.

New Jersey standout Nyshier Oliver is considering BC.


Grant Salzano said...

That KSU game preview incorrectly says that we lost to Clemson last year.

Langsgangs said...

ATL, I love your work. Its a great break from law school (many times too long of a break), but I have to say HD is extremely overrated as a blogger AND in hotness...just saying