Saturday, August 30, 2008

In-game comments post: Kent State

Another BC season has begun. Let's make it a good one.

I will not be online during the game but feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.


Nick P. said...

VT lost to ECU today. Maryland is barely getting by Delaware. The ACC is not showing itself well today. I hope Clemson beats Alabama.

Unknown said...

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eagleboston said...

Empty stadium reminds me of the bowl game in Charlotte

eagleboston said...

These U announcers are horrific. Toal carries the ball and they say "ball goes to the fullback McCluskey."

Unknown said...

Hey guys. I'm overseas in Manila. There any available audio feeds on the internet I can listen to that I don't have to shell out for?

Am relying on twitter updates from a friend watching in NYC.

momoney said...

streaming live enjoy man

eagleboston said...

Raf, you can listen to the game live on

Unknown said...

thanks for the tips guys. Am watching the feed. Never expected free video. Am watching this in the lobby of the Manila Peninsula while having a brunch buffet.

Unknown said...

Anybody know the last time we went without committing a turnover AND had not a single penalty?

eagleboston said...

Very solid first game. No penalties, no turnovers. Love Crane bringing the running dimension. Loved that we went back to pounding the ball. 234 yards on the ground. 104 in the air. Complete reversal from last year.

Defense played great as expected. 2 INT's, a fumble recovery on a punt. Inexperienced secondary did not get beat too bad in the air. Front 7 played well with 3 sacks.

Great game, but still plenty of things to work on for improvement. Next week, expect to give up a ton of yards to Johnson's offense but I thnk our new found running game will keep them off the field.

Hope Jeff Smith is OK.

K-Man said...

Nice first win... can't believe that Jags brought back Toal in short yardage situations (maybe the ghost of TOB talked him into it)... otherwise the conservative play calling worked great and Crane looked much more polished than I expected (only had a couple of bad throws/decisions).

Defense looked good (not great but hard to complain about a shutout). Expect more of the bend but don’t break next week against the option of GT.

I can’t wait to hit the parking lot next week for my 2 hours of tailgating.

On a side note most infomercials I have seen in a while - trying to decide between the Pro Caulking tool and the Havoc Stinger helicopter toy.


eagleboston said...


Go with the Havoc Stingers or treat yourself to a new head of hair.

More Ovaltine, please!

Anonymous said...

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