Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Media training and other links

Over the years, the football players have come off very well in interviews. They're engaging, articulate and never really say anything controversial. This is in part due to the culture of the program and the type of guys BC recruits. It's also in part due to the support they get from Sports Information and Marketing. For example, BC brought in media trainers for the team Monday. I am sure the individual sessions were short, but it is just another little thing that BC does to help these guys succeed on and off the field. (I also wonder how close these sessions are to the scene in Bull Durham: "You're gonna have to learn your clich├ęs...")

The New York Times has Clemson as the 11th best team in college football.

Matt Ryan will start the Falcons next preseason game and has the inside track at starting the opener.

This is another overview of the team.

One of my favorite bloggers, Matt Hinton, moved from SMQ to Yahoo. In his debut he assess the various QB issues around the ACC.

Two BC targets (Luke Kuechly and Pat Muldoon) are among the best prospects in Cincy.

New York baseball recruit Matt McGovern is committed to BC.


Andrew said...

The sports network really botched the coverage of our kicking game...

And yes, Matt Hinton is a great blogger, good to see him back in action

Greg said...

Brian Toal must not have paid attention to the media training he's been given. In the NY Post interview he is asked what is his favorite sport besides football- his response? "Beer pong."

I agree BC kids usually come off as very polished (Matty Ryan was pretty much unanimously applauded for his interview skills), unfortunately, Brian comes across more like Adam Sandler in The Waterboy.

eagleboston said...

I'm guessing the "beer pong" quote was on the media trainers' list of a bad example of an interview. Hopefully, he will do better going forward.

9 days to go!