Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More slights from the mainstream media and other links

SI ranks us at 48th. 48th!?! I don't get it...everyone loves our D and thinks Logan is a genius. How does that equal 48th?

Also in the no respect column: HD ranks Jags as 11th best in the ACC. She is becoming more ESPNish every day.

The National Championship BC Hockey team was part of this offbeat online tournament...and lost. See for yourself. (Thanks to Sal for the link.)

Do you ever fly AirTran? You might be sitting next to Matt Ryan on your next flight.


Wolfpack Water Polo said...

Duke is ahead of GT on that list.

Brian said...

HD must be in someone's ear over at SI ...

#33 Maryland
#48 Boston College

Eagle1 said...

Looks like HD is concerned about not getting street-cred if she ranks BC to highly. She may as well fall in line with the other geniuses who underestimate BC every year. You are dead to me, Heather, and I officially deem you to be no longer cute!

Eagle1 said...

"too" highly. Crap.

Mod 29B said...

What a joke! Duke is 79/119 ~ 2/3 ~ In other words, Duke -- Duke!! -- is better than 1/3 of the teams in the country . . . Better than ~40 teams... c'mon now, that's just plain dumb

LAEagle said...

in all's a great chance to pay back some of those student loans....the vegas lines are going to be so off for the first few games of the season...time to parlay the winnings from taking bc with the moneyline over gt last season (hopefully you did)

Walter said...

Having Jags as number 11/12 is inexcusable. He matches, what was it, a school record for all time wins in a single season and his reward is to be pegged slightly above the lumbering Miami coach?

You have at least 2 choke artist coaches above us in Clemson and Virginia Tech not to mention a Tom O'Brien whose biggest credentials for NC State seem to be that he used to coach for us. Geez, 11th? Ridiculous.

Bravesbill said...

Funny story about a related plane flight: 2 years ago, my younger sister went on a recruiting trip to BC in January. We live in San Diego so she took a direct flight on American Airlines. Lo and behold, guess who she sits next to? That's right, Jared Dudley. She has no clue who Jared Dudley is, but apparently talked to him almost the entire flight. At Logan at the baggage claim, my other sister who goes to BC and was picking her up, had to inform her that she was talking to Dudley. The younger then said that he did look familiar. What a dunce.

BC09 said...

another funny plane story - during Costanzo's first semester at BC (spring '07), I sat next to him on the flight from Chicago to Boston. I talked to him for a little while, and after finding out he was going out for OT, I thought to myself, "there's no way we'll be seeing this skinny (albeit 6'7") kid on the field for the Eagles anytime soon." boy, was i wrong or what?

BC09 said...

by the way, finally some respect has come our way - CFN has us at number 18 in the preseason, second in the ACC to only clemson (8).

Vincent said...

I mentioned yesterday about watching some of practice. While there I had a chance to talk to a certain "HIGH LEVEL" employee with the athletics department and he is very high on our team. He know we are going to "win a lot of ball games". I said this yesterday and I really think it is worth repeating. We need to stop reading ESPN's and HD's garbage. Pay them no mind. They clearly have no idea what they are talking about. Every year its the same crap. When was the last time we were as bad as they said we were 11 years ago? That's not a good track record for them.
Ranking Jags 11th shows they are clueless. If they really think TOB is better that just means they failed to watch any of BC's games during the time he coached us. He LOST GAMES FOR US. That is how bad he is. I can point out at least 10 games that he and Daina Bible lost for us. That is bad coaching.
As for this years team I'll say it again, WE ARE VERY GOOD! EXPECT US TO FINISH 1st in our division and we have a great shot at winning the ACC. EXPECT NOTHING LESS.

Vincent said...

To follow up, as for Sports Illustrated, there is a reason they are becoming irrelevant. Clearly they don't have anyone worth a pile of dog Cr_p doing their writing.

Vincent said...

I just looked at this list closer and it makes me very angry. Take a look at some of the teams ahead of us. HOW THE HELL DID THEY COME UP WITH THiS? IT's just wrong.

17. BYU Mountain West

19. Pittsburgh Big East
20. Oregon Pac-10
21. South Florida Big East
24. Virginia Tech ACC
25. Utah Mountain West
26. Wake Forest ACC
27. Cincinnati Big East
28. Fresno State WAC
29. Alabama SEC
30. Mississippi State SEC
31. Iowa Big Ten
32. Maryland ACC
33. Rutgers Big East
34. North Carolina ACC
35. Tulsa C-USA
36. Colorado Big 12
37. Boise State WAC
38. Michigan State Big Ten
41. Florida State ACC
42. Connecticut Big East
44. East Carolina C-USA
45. Nebraska Big 12
46. Miami ACC
47. TCU Mountain West
48. Boston College

GordonsLeftFoot said...

I couldn't disagree more. SI's Stewart Mandel is one of (if not the) best college football writers in the country.

Vincent said...

So you agree with the rankings he came up with?

GordonsLeftFoot said...

No I don't, but just because his rankings don't coincide with our biased expectations doesn't mean he or SI is "cr_p." His preseason opinion of BC aside, he is still a great college football writer who gets the dynamic of the sport more than most of the other CFB writers across the country.

Back to the thread: is Codi Boek really in the backfield? That is not a harbinger of good things related to Smith and Haden.

Big Jack Krack said...

CFN is much more realistic than SI. To rank us 48th after finishing 10th last year seems quite unrealistic to me. Pre-season polls and rankings have always bothered me. We shouldn't see them until October. On the other hand, they get us all fired up for the season.

I'm wary of Georgia Tech, but we should be 4-0 heading down to Raleigh. We owe them one, and if it comes at TOB's expense, tough. If we could possibly be 5-0 awaiting Virginia Tech, that would be the berries and this team will have the confidence they need to be successful for the rest of the season. I agree with Vincent - let's surprise these writers and really enjoy it this year.

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