Monday, August 25, 2008

QBs that could've been

We are fretting about Chris Crane but sometimes it pays to look back on recruiting and see how BC misses turned out to be blessings in disguise.

For example in 2006 season/2007 recruiting class, fans who follow recruiting felt it was imperative for TOB to bring in a top flight QB. The staff focused on two players: Matt Simms and Stephen Garcia. Neither committed to BC.

Garcia went to South Carolina and has been in trouble from Day 1. He also has been a general screw up on and off the field.

Matt Simms seemed like a slam dunk BC recruit. Bosco QB, father who loved the school and TOB, close to his Jersey home. However, something didn't click and he went to Louisville. Curiously even after TOB left, Simms took a trip down to NC State to talk to TOB and Bible there. I guess he liked them, he just didn't care for BC. In the end it seems like BC got the better of the deal. Simms was suspended for Louisville's first four games for team violations. There is plenty of speculation as to what he did wrong.

And it wasn't just the old regime that lucked out. Before Jags got Davis and Johnson to commit, they went hard after Robert Marve. Marve committed to Miami. He'll also be sitting out their first game of the season.


Alex F. said...

Wouldn't necessarily say we dodged a bullet with Marve...he got arrested for a car accident and is only suspended for 1 game...I'd love to have him pushing Crane this year and competing with Davis and Tuggle for the starting job next year

Brian said...

it wasn't even a car accident. he smashed a sideview mirror because he was upset at his girlfriend or something.

"Marve was arrested on Halloween after being charged with minor criminal mischief and resisting arrest without violence.

According to the police report, Marve broke the mirror of a car and tried to evade police on foot."

BCMike said...

If campus police can catch him, that speaks volumes about his speed. "Quinton Porter-esque" one might say.

Brian said...

well played, bcmike.