Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to basics and other links

BC and Jags are saying the right things about getting back on track.

Here is an article on Jim Ramella and Albright's return.

Andre Lawrence is considered a Connecticut player to watch.

Will Blackmon was named the NFC’s special-teams player of the week.

BC is interested in Jersey linebacker Glenn Carson.


Big Jack Krack said...

UCF has this extra week off as well.

Eagle1 said...

Crane is blaming the "chemistry" between him and the receivers. What chemistry is that? The chemistry that didn't make each receiver 10'6" tall and able to grab passes five feet over his head? Bahhh!

eagle1331 said...

Interesting note about 14 players/coaches being sick by a bug that went around the hotel the night before the game... I blame the back up QBs sabotaging Crane... and Notre Dame

Big Jack Krack said...

Any further info on the bug at the hotel - not good.