Thursday, September 25, 2008

Toal steps up and other links

At the ACC media days Purvis and Brace both mentioned that this group of seniors is more of a lead by example type. No talkers like Ryan or Dunbar. At the time I wasn't worried. I figured someone would fill void. I just never expected it to be Brian Toal. Toal is many things, but a vocal, serious leader is not one of them. Glad he stepped up and I hope that halftime of the UCF game was a turning point in the season.

Speaking of speaking up: the players had to coax Dominique Davis to get loud at the line of scrimmage.

Nice article in the Herald on Montel Harris. I hope he builds off his very solid start.

Drew Little scheduled his visit to BC. Unfortunately he's coming on a bye week. However, I sometimes think bye weeks might be a better time to woo recruits. The coaches are not focused on the game. The campus looks great in the fall and the recruits can see a practice. Who knows? We'll see what Little says after his trip.

BC has interest in Dover-Sherborn product Ted Ouellet.

In this article Quinton Porter recalls his first meeting with Doug Flutie.

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Mike said...

Blaudschun is pathetic, can't even spell Gause's name right, let alone his reference to U-Tube. When will that paper hire someone who is either knowledgeable or gives a damn about putting out quality articles?