Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TOB talk and other links

TOB is playing down the rematch.

Classic TOB spin in this Q&A. After calling last year's BC team experienced, the interviewer infers that this BC's team is young. Of course TOB disputes the theory and also calls this BC team experienced.

BC blogger Big Bhang Theory is also taking a look at the TOB years.

Jags gave the media a classic "whatever" regarding the imbalanced offense.

BC enters the hockey season as the favorite in Hockey East.

Jags is still filling out his 2009 recruiting class, yet has already garnered his first commitment for 2010.

Drew Little is getting plenty of coverage here in the Atlanta area.

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About Five said...

May Tom O'Brien spend eternity with Barney Frank. Two people who never had a problem they couldn't blame on someone else.