Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Affiliate list for NC State game and other links

Here is the affiliate list for the BC-NC State game. If your market is not covered, it means you'll have to get Gameplan, 360 or hit a sports bar. Next season the ACC needs to do a better job of getting coverage in New York and Philadelphia. You would think that with all the various regional sports cable networks something could be worked out. The usual Raycom team will be calling the game. (How many times will Doc Walker call Raji "Raja"?)

WR prospect Emory Blake enjoyed his visit to BC.

BC's most recent commitment seems to have his head in the right place.


BCMike said...

I was particularly amused by the 360 call last week with "Momma" and "aTkins".

Do these guys do any research whatsoever?

Ian said...

Unfortunately, CT, NY and NJ (and I suppose Philadelphia by extension) are in Big East country. Even aside from the lingering bad feelings and lawsuit when BC, VT and Miami left the Big East, I think there's one major stumbling block to getting broader TV coverage in the northeast: advertising dollars.

While it's great to get the Raycom coverage in Boston, there are virtually no commercials with any connection to the Boston market. Sure, there's one Chik-Fil-A in the Boston area, but the other sponsors are primarily from southern companies. If Raycom can land some bigger national/northeast sponsors, they may be able to help pressure more pickup.

Lenny Sienko said...

I believe you will find that BC football and basketball coverage by Raycom are the victims of agreements in place before we joined the ACC.

Let's hope that the next round of agreements cuts down on blackouts and increases affiliates.

Those "Southern" ads are no different than the type of ad one would see on NESN; i.e., they have a regional flavor.

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