Thursday, October 30, 2008

Basketball video and other links

It is only a practice video but the basketball team has a relaxed confidence.

The Clemson game is becoming one of the most popular on our annual schedule. To add a little more emphasis to it, the schools will now play for a trophy.

Two of BC's targets, Jelani Jenkins and Justin Brown, are mentioned in this article.

BC made a good impression with 2010 recruit Conner Davis.

Georgia QB recruit Drew Little is making visits.

BC is still in the running for Mark Brazinski.


eagle1331 said...

I am very unimpressed with the recruiting abilities of this staff. It's terrible to only have 6 commitments at this point - every ACC school is in a better position. Yeah we are still in the running for a lot of good prospects, but none list us as a favorite or high interest.

We are going to be bottom feeding come signing day for scrubs that were prepared to sign with lesser schools and will jump at the last minute offer to play at BC, just like we did last year. I know I've read the story several times about one of the guys we just talked to 10 days before signing day last year.

We were #2 last year at one point, played for the ACC championship, have an amazing defense, are O-Line U, and have great academics... why isn't this pitch working?

Big Jack Krack said...

Where's the pre-game excitement for the Clemson game?

eagle1331 - I hope you're not on to something here. I have a funny feeling about this game, for sure.

As to the direction of the program, as one BC insider said to me "Not much is expected, after all Coach Jags is a GDF man". I only bring that up because I have had a very optimistic attitude towards our coaching staff - but then again, I'm not close enough to the situation. Let's ho[pe that some of the early indicators here are inaccurate.

If we come out flat Saturday like at Kenan Stadium (even though we jumped out 10 - 0, we were not ready) our season will take the big turn for the worse.

Let's go Eagles - straighten up and fly right :-)

BCMike said...

I like how fluid Reggie Jackson looked in that little clip.

If Rakim can get his fundamentals down, there's no stopping that kid. Has every physical tool you want.

ChicagoD said...

Does anyone know what track that is on the youtube clip?

X said...
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X said...

TI/ Rihanna - Live Your Life

The Youtube

CHI_Eagle said...

why do the white guys have to run the three man weave separately? too slow?

Erik said...

Probably not good that Brazinski saw our worst game in years during his UNC visit.

Jelani Jenkins - would love him to come here, but I just don't see that.

Can't wait for this bball season.

Unknown said...

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