Sunday, October 12, 2008

BC announces new capital campaign and other links

What do you do when faced with the most economic uncertainty in decades? Start a huge capital campaign! Sarcasm aside, I applaud BC for using new efforts to fund the campus expansion and improvements. I will certainly contribute.

Northwestern football faces many of the same issues BC deals with when trying to generate interest in a crowded urban market. You could argue BC does a better job marketing our program since we are consistently a better TV draw than the Wildcats. (Thanks to Jim for the link.)

The AP voters ignored BC. A few coaches voted for BC.

Around the ACC...Georgia Tech's struggles were mostly about having to use their third-string QB. Look for them to bounce back against Clemson.


Ampersand said...
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X said...

SMU has similar difficulties being a college program in a large city, where there are plenty of options on Saturdays.

Of course, the school is victim to one thing that might be part of the reason: ugly, ugly football, particularly after the Pony Express and Death Penalty. Losing in Dallas only encourages the already apathetic fans in the city to sit on their hands harder. The only exception would be the Cowboys, but that franchise is on another plane in the city.

Of course, this problem has a solution outside of hiring a marketing firm (which SMU has done): Win, and win big. Worked for USC in Los Angeles.

I wasn't old enough/born yet to witness the glory days of SMU football, but a city will embrace a winner, especially Dallas. Will they sell out two Texas Stadiums or Soldier Fields? No, but it'll be decent.