Friday, October 17, 2008

Beamerball and other links

The Hokies are young and struggling on offense, but still embody the Beamer style of football. Virginia Tech sees the game as a rivalry.

Two nice features on unsung BC Guys: James McCluskey and Justin Tuggle.

BC recruit Luke Kuechly is placing a premium on academics.

Perseverance paid off for Tim Bulman.

Georgia WR Stephen Hill is visiting BC this weekend.

John McCain's daughter was campaigning at BC.

BC is still courting UVA commit Paul Freedman.

Dan Patrick talked to Matt Ryan this week.

Although they got his first name wrong, Tennant made CFN's honorable mention All-America team.

Support BC cheerleader Molly McGrath in this sideline spirit competition.


Eagle93 said...

Another great article ...

Eagle1 said...

That kid from Dartmouth, Mass., also claimed that he was worried about academics, but he then chose UGA over BC. Puh-lease.

Re: Meghan McCain. Yes, please. You have my vote, Senator. Talk about great wealth at the top. Obama is going to tax the bejesus out of her.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hey eagle1 - judging by her "campaigning at BC" picture, she should be backing up the defensive line.

Pretty weird reason to vote for her dad.

matthew2 said...

I love the fact that VTech said such positive things about the crowd at Alumni. Hopefully we will not disappoint them tomorrow night... and we can reproduce that intensity against lesser opponents as well.

HAHA Jack, I was thinking the same thing!

Eagle1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eagle1 said...

"Pretty weird reason to vote for her dad."

C'mon, Jack. Learn to recognize humor. I'm voting for McCain because (1) I'm not ready to live in a "spread-the-wealth" communist enclave and (2) the colony on Mars is not yet ready for my arrival.

As for the current pic, I'm disappointed as well and choose, instead, to focus on the one that I posted. Britney made it back. So can Meghan. That's change I can get behind.

eagleboston said...

Eagle 1,

Last I read, this was a BC sports blog, not an ideologue rant page. Let's stick to Va Tech here.

Rob said...

Eagle1, congratulations on being such a staunch defender of pure capitalism. Unfortunately, you missed that boat since it left America in the 30s.

At any rate, let's stick to sports here. And I'll defend McCain's daughter, she's pretty hot.

luch said...

maybe its the southern california in me but there is nothing hot about mccain's daughter, she is a bruiser. not worth a 2nd look late night at maryanns either.

as far as a BC take... lets fire it up eagles