Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bennett suspended and other links

Jags suspended Billy Bennett indefinitely. No specifics as usual just the traditional "violation of team rules." I am sure the real reason will leak out eventually. This is not a huge loss. Bennett has a bigger leg, but our kickoff coverage has been bad with him out there. Can it get much worse with Aponavicius? Besides, this may be a good sign. The last time Aponavicius filled in for a suspended kicker, BC won!

Joe Trapani is considered a transfer to watch. (Thanks to Craig for the link.)

Win or lose this weekend, I wouldn't hold your breathe for a Gator Bowl invite. The city of Jacksonville is still paying for the last year's ACC Championship Game.

Tyler Hudetz is still talking up BC.

Nick Forbes is another 2010 target.


BCDisco said...

There's a new tradition for the BC-Clemson series.

Xman said...

Kick the ball out of bounds every kickoff. With our coverage, we cannot afford short, low kicks to C.J. Spiller.